Fruut.in brings to your desk a plate of delicious, freshly cut fruits that caters to your daily requirements of essential nutrients and vitamins.

These fresh fruit packages consist of fresh and organic fruits. This fruit platter is curated as per your daily health needs.

Fresh Fruits

Daily 4-5 premium quality fruits are freshly cut and delivered to you. We ensure to serve you, a daily dose of vitamins and minerals for your overall nourishment and development, in our fruit box!


The fruits are cut in a 'bite-size' for an easy consumption and are served with a fork and toothpicks.So, just grab,bite and feel the burst of flavours on the go!

Daily Delivery

Fresh cut fruits are delivered to you, at your doorstep, from monday to friday, on a monthly basis. You can choose the time as per your ease and leave the rest on us.

Fruut Packages

Building health is as easy as eating fruits

Order 3 Month Package

SAVE 10% 

It takes 21 days to create a habit, 90 days to create a lifestyle.

Order our 3-month package, get minimum 10% extra off and build a fruitful lifestyle.

No Code Needed.

Try Our

Seasonal Special

Best of seasonal fruits packed in a box. Freshly cut, delivered directly at the comfort of your home.

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