All of your queries related to cut fruits, fruut.in deliveries, availability of fruit plate, etc. answered here.

Frequently asked questions

When does my order ship?

We ship each days’ box within the time assigned. Shipping of your first box will start from the next Monday of your subscription order. After confirmation of your payment, you'll get a mail stating starting date of your subscription.

Which carrier do you use to send the box?

Our in-house delivery fleet will deliver the box to your door thereby maintaining quality control. In case your delivery is not in our usual route, delivery will be done through any of our reputed partners. However, in any case, full responsibility of delivery shall be of fruut.in

Are you able to guarantee delivery timings?

We get your boxes to you as per your opted time range, but from time to time, there are can be delayed due to inclement weather or maintenance that are outside of our control.

Is there an option for daily delivery?

Currently we are delivering fruits only in corporate areas and thus there are no deliveries on Saturday & Sundays. Send us a mail on fruut.in@gmail.com and we'll update you when we start weekend deliveries.

What if i am going out of town for few days

You can WhatsApp us on +91-8928475044 and we’ll not deliver on those dates.

How many boxes are included in the package?

All our packages are for 20 boxes in a month, delivered Monday to Friday in your selected time slot. There are no deliveries on Sunday and on public holidays. There are one-time packages for trial and 60-box package (delivered for three months)
If due to some unforeseen circumstances, 20 deliveries could not be completed with the calendar month, same shall be provided in the subsequent month.

Can I select which fruits should I receive?

Unfortunately, all fruits are seasonal and we’ll supply only fruits which are available in good quality in running season. However, you are free to avoid some fruits based on your taste, medical constraints or allergies. WhatsApp No. +91-8 928475044

What if the box is damaged/tampered or fruits are not fresh.

We keep quality and customer customer satisfaction above all. if you are not fully satisfied with the product, WhatsApp us the inside image along with your name sticker and we’ll look into it. WhatsApp No. +91-8 928475044

Can I modify my box contents or delivery address?

For any change in contents, delivery details, etc you can reach us through WhatsApp and we’ll provide our full support. However, please do note that it takes 2-3 businness days for any changes to reflect in our system. Also, your delivery address can only be changed within our service areas. WhatsApp No. +91-8928475044

Are there any taxes and delivery charges on the product?

All prices shown on the website are inclusive of all taxes and delivery. You don’t need to pay anything extra above the shown price.

Do you accept card/wallet/offline/cash payments ?

We prefer online payment through our portal. However, if you are facing some issues with online payment, you can deposit the same in our bank account and WhatsApp us the screenshot.
Bank Details
GC Instrumentation
Vasant Garden Branch,
Mulund (West), Mumbai 400 080
Current Acc No. : 119905500188
IFSC Code: ICIC0001199 Alternateively, you can use UPI: fruut@icici ( QR Link) PayTM: 8928475044 ( QR Link) WhatsApp No. +91-8928475044

How can i contact fruut.in if I have any questions?

You can WhatsApp us on +91-8928475044 and we’ll get back to you.

How can I contact you for Investment/Franchise Opportunities?

You can mail us on fruut.in@gmail.com

Will the fruits be freshly cut?

Based on a day-before's plan, delivery of all fruits are recieved early morning and no fruit is forwarded towards next day. Therby ensuring freshness.
Apart from that, a random sampling is done from each batch of fruit to ensure quality.
All fruits are cut 10-15 minutes before dispatch. All dispatches are pre-scheduled to avoid any waiting time. However, if inspite of all these precautions, error happens and you are not satisfied with our services, kindly inform us via mail (fruut.in@gmail.com) or WhatsApp us your concerns on 8928475044.

How well do you follow hygiene?

We take hygiene of environment and our place very seriously.
Apart from regular restaurant protocols, following protocols are ensured at our place:

  • Regular hand Sanitization after every batch of fruit delivery
  • 20-second Handwash protocol
  • Regular temperature & SpO2 checking of every person upon entry
  • Compulsary use of mask for every person in vicinity
  • Fresh gloves for every batch of fruit cutting
  • Adequate distance between staff and management
  • Regular cleaning of surfaces with disinfectant
Package related hygiene:
  • Fresh boxes are used and handled by a single person.
  • Boxes are packed in Brown Paper Bag that can be teared & discarded
  • Sanitizer & Tissue are always included in the box