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Life in lockdown is just like a non- juicy orange. And that's why when we talk about the taste of oranges, first thing that comes in our mind is the tangy flavor. Tangy flavor makes it delicious and yum . In addition, to being delicious, oranges offer a wide variety of nutrients which keeps us healthy. Delicious and healthy, sounds perfect. Right?

Eating oranges gives you better skin, boost your immune system, keeps your cholestrol low and reduce the risk of certain diseases like cancer, kidney stones, ulcers and rheumatoid arthritis.

The first thing youngsters keep a track on, is their calories intake. Since oranges contain just 60 calories, this fruit becomes a preferrable option for health concious people. Along with caloric benifit, it also provide us a lot of nutritional benefits. The variety of nutrients orange offers are-

Vitamin C (70 mg), Fiber (3g), Sugar(12g), protein(1g), Vitamin A (14mg), potassium(181mg) and 6% of daily recommended amount of calcium.


Fiber helps in keeping your cholestrol low, healthier bowl movement and prevention of ulcers. Fiber is a "super food" for a diabetic patient as it slows down the pace of sugar absorbtion.

Healthy sugar

The sugar available in oranges is all natural. It is way healthier than the one we get from artificial food like candies, ice creams etc.

Viamin C

Oranges are loaded with vitamin C. Vitamin C is required by the white blood cells to prevent your body from infection, resulting in good immune system. It is a powerful antioxidant, which helps in prevention of chronic diseases.


Protein is building block of human body. It helps in repairing and building tissues.


Potassium is vital for healthy functioning of nervous system. It helps in lowering blood pressure and protects against stroke.

Having discussed about the benefits of orange, orange peel cannot be ignored. Along with the pre-mentioned benefits, the peel also helps in weight loss, whitening of teeth and works as an antiinflammatory and antiallergic agent.

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